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Traveling back in time has been a fantasy for mankind since the dawn of civilization. Until recently, it seemed impossible to do. But with the advent of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, it is now possible to explore our past like never before with MyHeritage's AI Time Machine™.

MyHeritage is an innovative company that uses sophisticated technology to unlock the secrets of our past. They provide access to billions of historical records, including photos, documents, and family trees, allowing users to travel through time and uncover their family’s legacy. With their powerful AI technology, MyHeritage allows users to dive into the depths of the past and explore their ancestors’ lives like never before.

The AI Time Machine™ is a revolutionary tool that brings together the power of machine learning and natural language processing to help users explore history. It provides users with deep insights into their family’s past, including detailed timelines of their ancestors’ lives, as well as rich photographs and documents from the past. It allows users to discover the stories behind their family’s history, unlocking the secrets of the past and helping them connect to their ancestors in meaningful ways.

MyHeritage's AI Time Machine™ is an incredible tool for anyone interested in discovering their family's past. With its advanced technology, users can travel through time to uncover their family’s legacy and explore the stories behind their ancestors’ lives.

Top FAQ on MyHeritage

1. What is the AI Time Machine™?

The AI Time Machine™ is a revolutionary new tool from MyHeritage that enables you to explore your family history and travel through time, from the past to the present.

2. How does the AI Time Machine™ work?

The AI Time Machine™ uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze historical records and photos, and uncover new insights about your family’s past.

3. What kinds of records can I find with the AI Time Machine™?

With the AI Time Machine™, you can discover new information about your ancestors such as birth and marriage records, military service records, immigration records, census records, and more.

4. How accurate is the AI Time Machine™?

The AI Time Machine™ is highly accurate and provides reliable results.

5. How much does the AI Time Machine™ cost?

The AI Time Machine™ is included in the MyHeritage subscription plans.

6. How do I use the AI Time Machine™?

You can use the AI Time Machine™ to explore your family tree and discover stories about your ancestors. Simply enter your ancestor’s name and the AI Time Machine™ will search millions of records to uncover new information about your family’s past.

7. How long does it take for the AI Time Machine™ to search for records?

The AI Time Machine™ searches for records in seconds, so you can quickly uncover new information about your family’s past.

8. Can I share the results of my AI Time Machine™ search with others?

Yes, you can easily share the results of your AI Time Machine™ search with your family and friends.

9. Is the AI Time Machine™ available on mobile devices?

Yes, the AI Time Machine™ is available on iOS and Android devices.

10. Does the AI Time Machine™ allow me to compare DNA results with other family members?

Yes, the AI Time Machine™ allows you to compare DNA results with other family members and explore new connections between your family tree.

11. Are there any alternatives to MyHeritage?

Competitor Difference
Ancestry Ancestry focuses on genealogical records, while MyHeritage focuses on both genealogical records and AI-driven Time Machine technology.
Find My Past Find My Past has a larger archive than MyHeritage and focuses on British records.
FamilySearch FamilySearch is a Mormon church-owned company which focuses on free access to genealogical records and does not offer AI-driven Time Machine technology.
Geneanet Geneanet is a French-based genealogy website which offers some AI-driven features, but does not have the same level of sophistication as MyHeritage's Time Machine technology.

Pros and Cons of MyHeritage


  • Offers a highly interactive and engaging experience that helps users explore their family history.
  • Easy to use interface with intuitive navigation.
  • Comprehensive database of historical records including photos, documents, and stories.
  • AI Time Machine™ feature allows users to explore their ancestors’ lives in great detail.
  • Allows users to build family trees, find long-lost relatives, and uncover new family connections.


  • The AI Time Machine™ is too slow and time-consuming to use.
  • It is difficult to find accurate information on the different historical timelines.
  • The user interface is confusing and unintuitive.
  • It is expensive compared to other similar products on the market.
  • There are limited options for customizing the AI Time Machine™ experience.

Things You Didn't Know About MyHeritage

MyHeritage is a revolutionary online genealogy platform that allows you to travel through history with the AI Time Machine™. It is a great way to explore your family tree and uncover your ancestral roots. With MyHeritage, you can explore your family history through documents, photos, and other historical records. The AI Time Machine helps you time travel and visualize your family's journey over the centuries.

MyHeritage also offers tools to help you create and share family stories and trees. You can create beautiful family trees with interactive charts, share them with others, and even invite family members to collaborate on the project. MyHeritage also provides access to billions of records from top genealogical websites like Ancestry, Findmypast and FamilySearch.

MyHeritage also has a powerful DNA testing tool that helps you find relatives and trace your ethnic origins. All you need to do is purchase a DNA kit from MyHeritage, provide a saliva sample and send it back. The results will be made available on MyHeritage in a few weeks.

MyHeritage also offers an online learning center, with educational materials and helpful tips to help you make the most out of your family history research. You can also take advantage of the free mobile app, which allows you to access your family tree anytime, anywhere.

Overall, MyHeritage is a great way to explore your ancestry and uncover the secrets of your past. With the AI Time Machine, DNA test and other features, you can easily create beautiful family trees, discover new relatives and learn more about your ancestors.