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The concept of what makes us human has been a topic of discussion for centuries. With advancements in technology and artificial intelligence, it has become even more relevant today. The social Turing game, also known as the Turing test, is a game that is based on the concept of determining whether a machine can exhibit human-like intelligence that is indistinguishable from that of a human. This test was first introduced by Alan Turing in 1950 and is still used today to evaluate the capabilities of machines.

The game is played by having a human judge communicate with two entities: a machine and a human being. The human judge cannot see or hear the entities, but can only communicate with them through written messages. If the human judge is unable to distinguish which entity is the machine and which is the human, then the machine passes the Turing test and is considered to have human-like intelligence.

The social Turing game raises several ethical and philosophical questions about the nature of humanity and our relationship with machines. It also challenges our understanding of what it means to be conscious and self-aware. As technology continues to evolve, it is important to continue examining these questions and to consider the implications of creating machines that can mimic human behavior.

Top FAQ on Human Or Not

1. What is "Human or Not - A social Turing Game"?

"Human or Not" is a social game designed to test your ability to distinguish between human and non-human responses in online conversations.

2. How does the game work?

In the game, you will be presented with a series of chat conversations between two participants, one of whom is a real human, and the other is an AI chatbot or another non-human entity. Your task is to correctly identify which participant is the human.

3. Why is this game relevant?

The game highlights the growing use of artificial intelligence and automation in our daily lives, and the need to be able to recognize and interact with these technologies effectively.

4. Can anyone play "Human or Not"?

Yes, anyone can play the game. It is free and accessible online.

5. How many rounds are there in the game?

There are multiple rounds in the game, with increasing levels of difficulty.

6. Are the chat conversations realistic?

Yes, the chat conversations are based on real-life interactions and are designed to be as realistic as possible.

7. What happens if I get an answer wrong?

If you get an answer wrong, you can try again. The game provides feedback and explanations to help improve your understanding.

8. Can I use "Human or Not" to improve my own chatbot?

Yes, the game can be used to test and improve the performance of chatbots and other AI technologies.

9. Is "Human or Not" suitable for children?

Yes, the game is suitable for all ages, although younger children may require adult supervision.

10. Who created "Human or Not"?

"Human or Not" was developed by a team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, led by Professor Matt Blaze.

11. Are there any alternatives to Human Or Not?

Competitor Platform Ranking Difference
Lovelorn iOS 4.4/5 +0.2
Turing Test: AI Android 3.9/5 -0.3
The Turing Challenge Web 4.2/5 -0.1
Human Verification iOS 4.1/5 -0.2
Robot or Human? Web 3.7/5 -0.6

Pros and Cons of Human Or Not


  • Provides an opportunity for people to interact and learn about each other's perspectives and biases
  • Challenges players to think critically and creatively
  • Encourages empathy and understanding of different identities and experiences
  • Helps break down stereotypes and promote inclusivity
  • Can be played with a wide range of group sizes and ages
  • Offers a fun and engaging way to explore complex social issues
  • Enhances communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Encourages the objectification and dehumanization of individuals
  • May promote discriminatory attitudes and behavior towards certain groups of people
  • Can be emotionally distressing and triggering for individuals who have experienced discrimination or exclusion in real life
  • Has the potential to reinforce harmful stereotypes and prejudices
  • May promote a lack of empathy and understanding towards those who are different from us
  • Can be a distraction from addressing real-world issues related to social inequality and injustice.

Things You Didn't Know About Human Or Not

Human or Not - A social Turing Game is an interactive online game that tests a player’s ability to distinguish between a human and an AI-generated chatbot. The game is based on the famous Turing test, which measures the ability of a machine to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.

The game is designed to be played by two or more players, who take turns interacting with a chatbot and trying to figure out if it’s human or not. Each player has 5 minutes to interact with the bot and ask questions, after which they must make a guess about whether it’s human or AI-generated.

The game is simple yet challenging, and it can be played for free on various online platforms. It’s a great way to test your ability to discern between artificial and human intelligence, and it’s also a fun way to spend some time with friends and family.

Some tips for playing the Human or Not game include paying attention to the language used by the chatbot, looking for inconsistencies or errors in its responses, and asking open-ended questions to gauge its level of intelligence.

In conclusion, Human or Not - A social Turing Game is an entertaining and engaging way to test your understanding of AI and human behavior. Give it a try today and see how well you fare in this exciting game.