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AnthemScore, developed by Lunaverus, is an innovative software tool for musicians and music enthusiasts alike. This cutting-edge technology has the ability to automatically transcribe audio files to sheet music or guitar tabs with the help of AI. The use of machine learning enables the software to detect every note in an audio file and arrange them systematically into measures. This means that a musician can now quickly and easily convert their favorite tracks from MP3 or WAV format into sheet music or guitar tabs that they can use to perform or study. The software's intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone, even non-musicians, to use. AnthemScore can also be used to transcribe any audio source such as a microphone or a live stream; this opens up new opportunities for musicians in the recording industry or those looking to improve their performances. Overall, AnthemScore is a dynamic and revolutionary tool that paves the way for more accessible and highly automated music transcription.

Top FAQ on AnthemScore By Lunaverus

1. What is AnthemScore?

AnthemScore is a software tool for automatic music transcription that converts audio files like MP3 and WAV into sheet music or guitar tab using AI technology.

2. How does AnthemScore work?

The software uses machine learning to detect notes and arrange them into measures.

3. Can I use AnthemScore to transcribe any type of music?

Yes, AnthemScore can transcribe any type of music, including vocals and instruments.

4. What file formats does AnthemScore support?

AnthemScore supports MP3 and WAV file formats.

5. Do I need to have musical knowledge to use AnthemScore?

No, you do not need to have any musical knowledge to use AnthemScore.

6. Can I edit the transcribed sheet music?

Yes, you can edit the transcribed sheet music using AnthemScore's built-in editor.

7. Is the transcribed sheet music accurate?

AnthemScore uses advanced AI technology to transcribe music, which results in highly accurate sheet music.

8. Can I export the transcribed sheet music to other file formats?

Yes, you can export the transcribed sheet music to other file formats such as PDF, MIDI, and MusicXML.

9. Is there a free trial available for AnthemScore?

Yes, there is a free trial available for AnthemScore, which allows you to transcribe up to one minute of music.

10. How much does AnthemScore cost?

AnthemScore is available for purchase at a one-time price of $79.99.

11. Are there any alternatives to AnthemScore By Lunaverus?

Competitor Description Main Features Price
ScoreCloud ScoreCloud is a music notation software tool that allows users to create, edit, and share sheet music. Automatic score creation, music OCR, MIDI import/export, collaboration tools Free basic version, paid pro version starting at $3.99/month
Transcribe! Transcribe! is a software tool for transcribing recorded music. Variable speed playback, looping, EQ, spectral analysis Free trial, one-time purchase of $50
Melodyne Melodyne is a digital audio workstation (DAW) that includes tools for music transcription. Tempo detection, note separation, chord recognition, pitch and timing correction Free trial, paid versions starting from $99
Sibelius Sibelius is a professional-grade music notation software tool for composing, arranging, and sharing sheet music. Score creation, composition tools, collaboration features, cloud integration Free trial, paid versions starting from $9.99/month

Pros and Cons of AnthemScore By Lunaverus


  • Enables quick and easy music transcription
  • Saves time by automating the transcription process
  • Reduces errors that may occur during manual transcription
  • Supports multiple audio file formats, including MP3 and WAV
  • Creates accurate sheet music or guitar tab using AI technology
  • Provides neat and professional-looking sheet music output
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to use
  • Offers a cost-effective alternative to hiring a professional transcriber
  • Improves musical arrangements and compositions through allowing users to analyze and manipulate transcribed music easily


  • Inaccurate transcriptions may occur due to limitations of AI technology
  • The software may struggle to differentiate between instruments or voices within a recording
  • It may be difficult to edit or fine-tune transcriptions generated by the software
  • AnthemScore may not work well with certain genres of music or specific types of instrumentation
  • The software may be expensive compared to other transcription methods, especially for regular users

Things You Didn't Know About AnthemScore By Lunaverus

AnthemScore by Lunaverus is a powerful software tool that facilitates automatic music transcription. Its primary function is to convert audio files, such as MP3 and WAV, into sheet music or guitar tab with remarkable accuracy using advanced AI technology. One of the unique features of AnthemScore is its intelligent machine learning algorithm that can detect and classify individual notes and arrange them into distinct measures with exceptional precision. This software is particularly useful for musicians, educators, and sound engineers who require a quick and efficient way to transcribe audio recordings into readable sheet music or tablature. With its intuitive interface and robust functionality, AnthemScore has become an indispensable tool for music professionals and enthusiasts alike. It is no doubt that AnthemScore by Lunaverus is a worthwhile investment that can significantly streamline the music transcription process and save valuable time and effort.