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Hello to all innovative AI tool creators,

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature on our platform. As a directory dedicated to listing and reviewing the best and most useful AI apps, we continually seek ways to highlight the amazing work that our featured apps do.

As part of these efforts, we are now offering badges to all apps featured on our directory. These badges are a mark of the high quality and effectiveness of your app, as recognized by our platform and its users.

Why Should I Add the Badge?

Adding our badge to your website comes with several benefits:

  1. Recognition: The badge is a token of the recognition your app has received on our platform and a sign of your app’s quality for your users.
  2. Promotion: It is a free way to promote your app and highlight its success.
  3. SEO Value: By adding the badge and linking it back to our directory, we can create a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances our online presence and SEO value.

How Can I Add the Badge?

Adding the badge to your website is a simple process.

  1. Find your tool page: If your tool hasn’t been listed on our site, contact us right away!
  2. Embed the badge code: Copy the badge code and embed it to any page on your website, such as your homepage or a dedicated awards page.

What Should I Do After Adding the Badge?

After you’ve added the badge to your website,

  1. Send us a link to the page where it is displayed.
  2. Once confirmed, we will assign a verified partner status to your profile.

This will help to enhance the authority and visibility of your site in search engines, potentially growing your user base.

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Q: Is there a cost to use the badge?

A: No, the badge is completely free. It’s a token of our appreciation for the high-quality apps featured on our directory.

Q: Where should I place the badge on my website?

A: You can place the badge wherever you feel it fits best. Most commonly, badges are placed on the homepage or a dedicated awards page.

Q: Can the badge help improve my SEO?

A: Yes, adding the badge to your site and linking back to our directory can improve your website’s SEO.

Q: How do I inform you once I’ve added the badge?

A: Please send us a link to the page where you’ve added the badge. You can contact us through our contact info page.

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